-Each squad (or player if not teamed up) is allowed 1 flag per base and 1 base per sector.
-Locking doors in towns/Cities – Each squad can only have 2 doors locked per town/city “garages included (some may have 2 doors)”.
-Any buildings that are locked are considered bases.
-Any use of exploits, glitches, bugs, cheats or hacks (such as ESP) will result in a ban from the server and we will notify other server owners of these actions.
-To report suspected hacking, cheating, exploiting, or admin abuse of any kind open a ticket and provide as much proof as possible.
– Screenshots and video proof will always help your case. All misconduct must be reported to an admin via ticket system so an investigation may take place.DO NOT NOTIFY THE PLAYER OR ADMIN BEING REPORTED. Exception: if it’s unequivocally obvious a user is hacking (ex. using a speed hack), notify , via DM immediately.

-Streamer’s are welcome but admins will not get involved with stream sniping. We feel it is the streamers responsibility to adjust their stream delay and recommend placing a 2 to 5 minute delay on the stream. -Admins will not get involved in squad issues 
-We are here to watch over the server and assist players.
-Will not participate in any raids, to include, planning and/or coordinating, using Drone Mode for purpose or providing base intel to another player.
-Will not spawn-in any items for personal use or gain.

 -Will not teleport players to meet up with friends in and or out of PvP action or to their dead bodies. Exception: Admin events where player teleports are required
-Will not spawn any vehicles for any reason for any players. If a player has a vehicle that is stuck, they must either try and push it out or destroy it and find another vehicle
-Must be in Discord at all times when on THE NEW WORLD server whether as a bot or player
-Can participate in Deathmatches, however, if in 1st Place the top player not an admin wins the prize
-Will not trash talk about other SCUM servers on THE NEW WORLD, go to another server and trash talk about the server or players
-On Probation must ask owner or head admins about any type of event they want to do/make with fine details of event and winnings
-Will hold each other responsible and is expected to report any misuse or admin misconduct to the head admin and server owner to investigate
A video is required for any reports of misuse or misconduct of an admin

Owner: Co-Owner & @morphine


-if you put your boat in a safe zone I will destroy them
-You are not to build bases in the PVE zone.
-Bases in the PVE zone are off limits for base raiding. This includes stealing or looting vehicles and chests.
-Any base found in the PVE zone belonging to a PVP player or a member of a PVP squad will have the base and locks removed by an admin.
-PvP players can not hide/stash loot or vehicles in the PvE zones
-PvP players cannot build a base at a gas station. ‎


-PVP players can raid any base NOT in the PVE zone (D0,C0,B0, A0 and Z0). NOTE: When starting to Raid a base you MUST type /raid in Local, Global or Squad chat when at the base location. This will notify admins of a active raid and its location.
-PVP players must understand that when raiding a base that any PVP player can defend said base if they choose.
-Raiding is only allowed from 12 am EST Friday to 18 pm EST Sunday. At 18 pm on Sunday all active raiding sessions are concluded, regardless of completion.
-PVP players acknowledge and understand when admins are notified of a raid, they may spectate the raid in drone (invisible) to supervise and/or record the raid.
-Any buildings that are locked are considered bases; however, all entrances must be secured or a player is allowed to enter through that entrance.

Vehicles and chests not secured behind base walls are free for the taking and or being destroyed 24/7. Any vehicles left in a safe zone to circumvent being stolen or destroyed will be removed to allow for a replacement world spawn Update: Raiders are not to destroy a base beyond what is necessary to access loot. Excessive base destruction will result in administrative action. Such as but not limited to : fines for every member of the raiding party, suspension of raid privileges for a certain period of time, or even bans.
Example of excessive destruction: – Destroying storage cabinets – Continuing to destroy walls after it has been breached. – Leaving all the raidees loot on the ground to de spawnNOTE: It is strongly recommended that you place your flag outside of a cabin on the ground. If the cabin is destroyed, your flag will also be destroyed. It is also recommended that your base doors be walled off even if locked, when possible.
Rules are subject to change!

————PvE Zones are enabled!————-

– PvE Zones are enabled. The PvE Sectors are D0,C0, B0, A0 and Z0. Conditions for the PvE zones are as follows:
– Player kills are automatically punished with the shooter going to “jail” with no recourse for appeal and will not be able to retrieve any lost gear.
– Any player killed by another player will automatically be teleported back to their body. If you’re killed pick any sector or random and the bot will teleport you back to your body.

————- PvE’ers —————

– What is a PvE Player
– Anyone with loot, bases, or vehicles within the PvE zones
– You are not allowed to raid bases; however, if you come across unlocked vehicles or chests you may commandeer them.
– PvE players must understand when traveling outside of the PvE zones, they may encounter hostile players.
– You are allowed to actively PvP other players you find, but your NOT allowed to Raid or help raid any bases.
– PvE’ers are allowed to have traps and mines in the PvE zone but only inside their own base walls only Players: PVE can participate in Administrator Events, this includes World Events (not to actively hunt players), as those are considered Administrator Events.

Rules are subject to change .

Mines and traps are for base defense inside your walls are ok, but limited to the edge of your flag zone
– During base raiding mines are not allowed to be used.
– Do not leave mines or traps at enemy bases or around the world
– No mines or traps on roads (even if your base is right beside the road).
– No mines or traps in bunker boundaries.
– Do not block roads NO EXEPTIONS.

‏‎ ‎ NOTE: It has been brought to our attention that players are still leaving armed mines around the world. Regardless of the reason it was placed, failure to remove or destroy those mines that results in an illegal mine kill will result in the killer being fined. The base fine will be 3000 coins. Depending on additional factors such as repeated offenses, the fine will be increased appropriately. The fine will be given to the victim.

Thank you for your cooperation.

———–Building Rules————-

– POI High/Military loot, No locking doors or barricading windows within high military loot zones such as these: –
– Air Field, Air Base, Naval Base, Factory, Fish Factory, Dam, North and South Quarry, Boot Camp, Train Yard, Observatory and Sanitarium …
– No building in or around World Events (“building a wall around factory”)
– Locking doors in towns/Cities – Each squad can only have 2 doors locked per town/city “garages included (some may have 2 doors)”
– Infractions on the door lock rules will result in the removal of your lock(s)
– No building on roads is allowed (train tracks are ok for now)
– You may not have mines placed outside the base on the road, even if it is defending the base.
Rules are subject to change!